Two Derrymen further remanded on arms charge

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Two Derrymen charged with dissident republican activity were further remanded in custody at Derry Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

The court heard the case has been further delayed as a hand gun, rifle and timing unit have been sent for further specialist examination in England.

Mark Anthony Patrick Kerr (26) of 34 Carrabane Walk and Anthony Michael Taylor (44) of 35 Farmhill are both charged with possession of a firearm with intent on August 2, 2011.

The court, sitting under District Judge Barney McElholm, heard how forensics reports were coming in in “piecemeal fashion, which isn’t ideal”, according to prosecutors. There were protests from the defence teams that fingerprint evidence alledgedly linking Taylor to arms discovered was not furnished to the defence.

“I’m sorry for ambushing my colleagues in court,” said the prosecutor.

A defence solicitor said: “We are asking for CCTV footage captured from a helicopter and from the PSNI station to be furnished so we may prove our clients’ innocence. We suggest that Tony Taylor has no case to answer and appeal for bail.”

Judge McElholm said: “These are very serious matters and at this stage the court is inclined that a link has been established so bail is denied.”

The case continues on April 26.