Victim’s shock at ‘brazen’ car thieves

The burnt-out remains of the Ford Fiesta found on a disused road adjacent to Woodbrook. 1110JM21
The burnt-out remains of the Ford Fiesta found on a disused road adjacent to Woodbrook. 1110JM21

The victim of a “brazen” house burglary spoke yesterday of her “shock and disgust” at those responsible.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, Foyle Hospice worker, Anita Bradley was standing on her own driveway when an unknown male walked down her drive, unlocked her car with a keyfob, which had been stolen from her house earlier, and sped off in it. Mrs. Bradley then called for her husband, Jim, who tried to give chase, only to realise his car had also been stolen.

The kind-hearted couple live in Tara Park. Jim is an ambulance driver, Anita is a fundraiser for the local Hospice.

Mrs. Bradley explained: “I have no doubt the guy saw me stood by the car but that didn’t deter him. I even called ‘Is that you Jim?’ Then he got into the car so I opened the door and said ‘What are you doing? Get out!’ To which he replied; ‘Are you going to f**ing make me?’ At that he sped off and I was left in shock, total shock.”

The thief had returned for the Bradley’s Ford Fiesta having “written off” their BMW on railings on the Skeogh Road. It is believed they had stolen the car keys having entered the house earlier.

“I was in the living room so they must have sneaked in through the unlocked front door,” said Anita. “To have the audacity to come back and steal from us twice, right in front of me. . .

“Jim and I work hard and we had two nice reliable cars in order to get to work and to get our daughter to school. Now we are totally lost.”

Mrs. Bradley said this to those responsible: “How dare you come into the home of two hard-working decent people and steal their stuff. This wasn’t done because they were going hungry, it was sheer badness.”

She said that there is now a fear in their house.

“I can’t believe we have to lock ourselves in now,” she said.

Mrs Bradley’s Ford Fiesta was found burnt out in the Rossgalliagh area.


Local councillor Tony Hasson, urged vigilance and said: “This is the 24th similar type of burglary n the last four weeks, the seventh since Thursday.

“The Tara Park robbery was very sinister and I would urge anyone with any information to contact the PSNI.”

Police are also appealing for information on a second ‘creeper-style burglary’ which occurred in Whitehouse Park sometime between 3am and 10:30am on Sunday morning October 7.

A metallic green Peugeot was taken along with a handbag containing credit cards that had been left in the vehicle.