Warning after job advert scam attempt

Police in Limavady are appealing to businesses and private individuals to be alert to various types of frauds/scams being practised within Northern Ireland.

A spokesperson said: “Always be careful when replying to advertisements in newspapers and magazines. Recently we had a case where a member of the public replied to an job advertisement. She was then forwarded a number of emails asking her to lodge money into her account, take out a small sum as a commission fee and forward the remainder into a Western Union account.

“Fortunately this person realised she was being scammed and did not enter into any further correspondence with the fraudsters. Most scams of this type are designed to fool the unsuspecting, and appeal to people’s desire to make extra money. Under no circumstances should the public disclose details of their bank or building society account numbers to any unauthorised person. Providing personal/banking details can lead to identity theft.

“There are numerous types of frauds/scams being practiced by fraudsters and they come in many guises. The ability of fraudsters to practice new frauds is infinite and we need to be on the alert to such. If any member of the public thinks they have been the subject of any type of fraud telephone 0845 600 8000. Remember, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!”