WATCH: Gerry Adams' home attacked by person throwing device from moving car

The home of former Sinn Fein president, Gerry Adams, was attacked by someone throwing a device from a moving car, CCTV footage has revealed.

The footage appears to show a car passing in front of Mr. Adams' home and an individual can be seen hurling a device from the front passenger seat.

The device was thrown from a moving car at Gerry Adams' home.

The device was thrown from a moving car at Gerry Adams' home.

Seconds later and sparks can be seen close to where the device landed and there is also black smoke.

The footage has also be shared with investigators in the PSNI.

The home of veteran republican, Bobby Storey, was also attacked around the same time - 9:30pm on Friday July 13.

"For those who were involved in the attack, if they have the gumption to sneak up on our homes, I'd like them or their representatives to come and meet me," said Mr. Adams.

"I'd like them to sit down and explain to me what this is about.

"I'd like those who are involved in exploiting children in Derry to do the same thing, or those who are poisoning the atmosphere in east Belfast and causing havoc to do the same thing."

Mr. Adams said he does not know who carried out the attack but hinted that it might be connected to the recent disorder in Derry, which Sinn Fein has strenuously condemned.