Waterside man admits drug offence

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A man caught possessing 120 grams of cocaine claimed he was watching it for someone else, a court has heard.

Peter Gallagher, of Bond’s Hill, pleaded guilty to one charge of possessing class A drugs with intent to supply on August 7, last year.

Derry Crown Court heard that police went to search the 23-year-old’s home address.

When the officers arrived, Gallagher was in the garden. He ran towards the open door of the house when he saw police but he was detained.

Police found the cocaine in a training shoe inside a gym bag.

No other drug paraphernalia was discovered during the search.

While he was being transported to the police station Gallagher said: ‘I should have known about having that stuff in the house with my wain and girl’.

Gallagher admitted having the cocaine, but refused to say where he got it from.

He said he used to use the drug and claimed that he was under serious pressure. However, he refused to elaborate further.

A defence barrister said that Gallagher had found himself in debt and that was why he was keeping the drugs.

He said that his client accepted his guilt but added that he had been ‘caught dead to rights’.

The barrister said he was ‘immediately remorseful’.

Judge Philip Babington said this was ‘very serious offending’ and adjourned sentencing until later this week.