Woman assaulted police as officer tried to rescue man

A 19 year-old woman who assaulted a police officer as he attempted to rescue a man from entering the River Foyle has been fined a total of £315.

Geraldine Canning, of 16 Rosemount Gardens, had the fines imposed after admitting charges of assaulting and resisting police at Derry Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

The incident happened along the Foyle on June 20, 2013, the court heard. Presiding judge, Philip Mateer, heard police had been called to assist a man who had climbed over the railings along the river. The court heard how Canning “grabbed one officer by the throat before resisting a second officer who intervened.” Judge Mateer said: “The PSNI were trying to save someone from throwing themselves into the river and you intervened. Someone was expressing suicidal feelings and for reasons which are unclear you decided to assault and struggle with officers. Perhaps you don’t understand the role of the police.”

In sentencing, Judge Mateer said: “I’ll fine you today but next time will be much more severe.” Canning was fined £100 for resisting and £200 for the assault charge.