Woman jailed for ‘squealing like a fishwife in street’


A Waterside woman who was described as “squealing like a fishwife in the street” has been jailed for six months.

Kerri Ogilby, of Spencer Road, pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour in the early hours of January 23.

Derry Magistrate’s Court heard that police were called to a disturbance in The Meadows and when they arrived the defendant was drunk and shouting very loudly.

Officers asked her to lower her voice, but she replied: “You can’t tell me what to f****** do”.

They then tried to restrain Ogilby and she asked police: “Who do you think you are f****** touching me”?

Defence solicitor Seamus Quigley said his client has a “long standing” problem with alcohol and drug addiction.

He revealed that she received a suspended jail term last month for similar offences.

He applied to the court to adjourn sentencing for a probation report and release Ogilby on bail.

Opposing bail, an investigating officer said the defendant is a “priority offender” because of her “consistent offending behaviour and negative impact she has had on the community”.

He said that “every avenue of help” has been offered to Ogilby but she has refused to accept them.

Refusing bail and choosing to sentence the Waterside woman for the offences, District Judge Barney McElholm said there was no point in him telling the defendant she was getting one last chance.

“As a society we need to look at taking people with severe addiction difficulties somewhere their problems are going to be addressed,” the judge added.

However, he said: “I can’t do anything about setting up such an institution”.

Jailing Ogilby for a total of six months, the judge said she was “squealing like a fishwife in the street”.

“This is the City of Culture in the UK this year and it is trying to project a decent image despite all the obstacles put in the way. We can’t have this”.