‘You’ve exhausted the patience of everyone’ - Judge

A 30-year-old Limavady man who became extremely drunk after attending a birthday party was convicted of disorderly behaviour at Limavady Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

William Christopher Moore of Rosseden Park, Limavady, was sentenced to four months in jail, suspended for two years, for the offence on April 21.

The court heard, at 1.25am, police were on Catherine Street, Limavady, when they saw Moore being ejected from a club by staff.

Police went over to speak with Moore, who was with a female who said she’d take him home.

Moore began shouting, incoherently, and was warned to leave, but he approached police, was up in their faces as if he as trying to start a fight, a PPS prosecutor said.

Moore subsequently left the scene, but returned to the scene a short time later, the court was told.

Moore was warned again by police to go home, and friends tried to get him to leave, but he kicked a door of a building open.

Defence solicitor Paddy McGurk said Moore had “been at a birthday party and had become extremely drunk”.

He said Moore was “apologetic and totally ashamed of himself” and the incident was a “wake-up call for him”.

Judge Paul Copeland told Moore he “had exhausted the patience of the local community, police and court”.

Judge Copeland noted Moore had seven previous convictions and that he seemed to think his behaviour confronting police was part of a night out.

“It’s completely unacceptable,” said Judge Copeland.

In addition to the suspended sentence Moore was fined £250 and ordered to pay a £15 offenders levy of £15.

“Let this be the end of it,” added Judge Copeland.