Youths fire petrol bombs at police driving through Derry estate

Police have confirmed officers came under petrol bomb attacks in Derry as they were driving through an estate in the city on Sunday.

Monday, 22nd March 2021, 11:16 am
The Galliagh area (file picture)

Up to 20 youths reportedly fired petrol bombs onto the road they were driving along in the Galliagh/ Carnhill area.

Speaking on Monday, PSNI Inspector Hughes said: “Neighbourhood officers were attacked yesterday evening following reports of around 20 young males with petrol bombs making their way from Bloomfield Park towards the Glengalliagh Road around 6.40pm.

“Officers located the group in Carnhill where five petrol bombs were thrown. Fortunately there were no injuries reported however this took place in a residential area where other road users were nearby. Again we are seeing young people being used to confront police and cause needless disorder in the community.

“I would also urge those in the community to continue to use their influence to help prevent more young people being drawn into violence. Anyone who has been involved, or anyone who is tempted to become engaged in this behaviour, needs to stop and consider the consequences of their actions.”

Nearby earlier on Friday night police seized petrol and paint bombs. A PSNI spokesperson said the PSNI Ballyarnett Neighbourhood Police Team responded to phone calls from the public regarding a suspect device and a group of hooded youths gathering in the area of Fern Park with petrol bombs. Upon seeing Police this group lit a petrol bomb and charged towards them. The group quickly changed their minds when they found police pursuing them on foot. A number of discarded petrol bombs, paint bombs and bottles were seized.

In another area of Galliagh on Saturday morning a group of youths threw items at the police vehicle in the same area.

Police have urged parents to ensure their children are not involved in disturbances. A spokesperson said: “Parents, do you know where your children are? You do not want to be the next one getting a phone call explaining that your child is in the cells.”


Meanwhile on Friday night into Saturday morning community activists in the area destroyed a mock device after engaging with young people and ensuring they handed it over, and also intervened after bins and a portanble toilet were set alight in a second incident in the Moss Road area.

Galliagh Community Response said they had been informed of a planned riot in the area as youths gathered, many of them coming from outside Galliagh.

G.C.R. said the young people told them they were reacting in protest to events in Creggan earlier this week for which police have come under criticism.

“After a long discussion they gave up the mock device and dispersed, the GCR destroyed the mock device which was a men’s deodorant can with wires and black tape.”