Youths ‘no respect’ after Galliagh attack

Colr. Brian Tierney has warned parents to beware. (DER0314PG016)
Colr. Brian Tierney has warned parents to beware. (DER0314PG016)

SDLP Councillor Brian Tierney has condemned those responsible for targeting firefighters in the Galliagh area of the city on Sunday night.

Colr. Tierney was speaking after a series of episodes across Derry on Sunday night.

Pallets and rubbish were set alight and dragged on to roads in the Bogside and Galliagh areas, with the PSNI and fire-fighters coming under attack in different points during the evening.

Fire-fighters attending a blaze at Glengalliagh Road had missiles thrown at their vehicle, although the Fire Service have confirmed there were no injuries.

Colr Tierney said: “Over the Twelfth, the city’s firefighters are placed under incredible strain. I want to thank them for their selfless work to keep people and property safe.

“I was shocked to hear that a number of firefighters came under attack in the Galliagh area after pallets were dragged into the middle of a road and set alight.

“Those behind it clearly had no regard for the hard work that the fire service undertakes to keep them and their communities safe. I would urge anyone with any information to bring it forward to the police.”

Colr. Tierney added: “Firefighters deserve our respect and thanks, they should not be the targets of crime and anti-social behaviour.”