‘Zero tolerance’ call for car crime

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A Waterside councillor has called for a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to car crime after police were called to the Trench Road area during the early hours of Saturday following reports of an attempted hijcking and a number of attempted car thefts.

Four arrests were made at the scene after the alleged attempted hijacking and attempted car thefts prompting calls for residents to step up the security around their vehicles.

It’s believed a number of cars had also been targeted in the Knockwellan Park, Poplar Road and Gelvin Grange areas in separate incidents in the early hours of Friday.

SDLP Councillor Gerard Diver condemned the spate of vandalism and urged people who live in the locations involved to be “extra vigilant.”

“In light of all the good that’s happened in the city recently this kind of behaviour is not what we want to hear. The people suffering here are those innocent people who are trying to get on with their everyday lives and they have a right to do that without being scared about becoming a target for this kind of criminal. I feel very sorry for the people affected by these latest car crimes. I’m sure the last thing Waterside residents want is to see this kind of thing happening outside their doors with police, and police helicopters forced to attend in the middle of the night. This kind of thing has to be tackled with a zero tolerance approach,” he added.

A police spokesperson said: “Detectives in Strand Road arrested two males aged 18 and 23 and two females aged 18 and 24 following reports of people attempting to hijack vehicles in the Trench Road area of Gobnascale in the early hours of Saturday. They are currently helping police with their enquiries.