Cross border road partnership bears fruit

Donegal Councillor Jack Murray and Derry Councillor Mickey Cooper inspecting new road improvements at Killea. (0612MM02)
Donegal Councillor Jack Murray and Derry Councillor Mickey Cooper inspecting new road improvements at Killea. (0612MM02)

Sinn Féin councillors from both sides of the border have welcomed progress on the installation of road safety measures in the Killea area.

Northland councillor Mickey Cooper and Inishowen councillor Jack Murray were speaking after work began to build new traffic islands on the main road at Killea, just over the border from Derry.

A footpath has also been built at the bridge at Killea to improve road safety for pedestrians. Further improvements are expected on the Derry side of the border in the coming months.

The move came after the representatives lobbied local authorities and roads agencies in Derry and Donegal after local residents raised concerns about road safety in the area.

The pair said it was an example of what can be achieved through cross-border co-operation, particularly in relation to road safety.

Explaining how the road safety improvements came about, colr. Cooper said; “We lobbied both Roads Services in Derry and Donegal earlier this year to get this work done as it was clear there were major safety issues in Killea village.

“The bridge had no footpath, there were few safe junctions for crossing the road and the general state of some of the other pathways was extremely poor.

“We are now happy to report that the work on the Donegal side of the border has been completed and we expect complimentary works to be carried out by the Roads Service in Derry in this year,” he said.

Donegal Sinn Féin colr. Jack Murray also welcomed the start of the work and added that he hopes it is completed as soon as possible.

“I very much welcome the much needed work that was carried out in Killea by Donegal County Council.

“The village has grown considerably in recent years; resulting in an increased volume of pedestrians walking from Killea into the new housing developments.

“Concerns were raised with Sinn Féin in both Donegal and Derry as to the safety of the road and, as such, both myself and Councillor Mickey Cooper lobbied for a number of improvements on the road.

“Thankfully the work has been carried out on the Donegal side of Killea with improvements to begin on the Derry side in the near future.”