Cruise Centre targets NW’s young drivers

One of the recent events held at Campsie by the Cruise Centre. (_DSC35730
One of the recent events held at Campsie by the Cruise Centre. (_DSC35730

A North West road safety project is targeting youngsters as young as 11 in a bid to drive home its message to save lives on the road.

The project run by the The Cruise Centre in Eglinton operates a drop-in-facility and has a 45-acre outdoor venue.

It hosts motor sport events, such as the recent drift car competition, which attract crowds of up to 200 and help with fundraising.

The project is directed by Jim McKeever, an ex-Derry City councillor. He says at numerous events spectators and participants “keep telling us its great to have a venue and motorsport events in the North West rather than having to travel around half the country.”

Mr. McKeever said the main aim of the project is young driver road safety, which they focus on by holding holding work shops educating young drivers how to maintain their cars and about car modification.

“The whole point is to make them better drivers and be more aware on the road, and there are loads of motorsports out there and if they want to access them we will try to accommodate that,” said Mr. McKeever.

The project is running an event scheduled for June 10, aimed at young drivers with front wheel drive cars.

They get the chance to race on a track to see who can do the quickest time.

Mr. McKeever says the idea is to provide a safe and supervised environment for young drivers to exercise their skills, rather than racing on the open road. he says the younger drivers are targeted the better.

“European research has shown that from the age of 10 or 11 years upwards the first year they pass their test it cuts accident rates by 40 per cent.

“It’s down to the number of hours they drive and it makes more sense they get as much experienceas possible of road safety before they get on the road. It means they are that much more aware,” he said.

Mr. McKeever also revealed the project is working with a couple of local dealerships in a bid to secure two cars they can use for driver education workshops.

For information about the Cruise centre project go to their facebook page, or email them at or call 07812203362.