Culmore Dump contract awarded

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Derry City Council have appointed a contractor to oversee the redevelopment of the former Culmore city dump.

The 40 hectare site is to be transformed into a landscaped public park at a cost of some £9million. The facility was closed in 2007.

The Chairperson of Environmental Services, Councillor Jimmy Carr, described the works as the single largest remediation project undertaken by Council.

“Since the closure of the site, Council has been working to advance with the plans for the restoration and aftercare of the site.

“The appointment of the contractor allows us to progress with plans to restore the site. Those plans include the installation of a capping system and the establishment of environmental management systems for landfill gas and leachate [contaminated water].

“It’s a huge environmental project for Council and will create a significant natural parkland for the enjoyment of local residents, both in Culmore and the wider area. Included in the plan are the installation of pathways, car parking and landscaping to facilitate the recreational space.”

Welcoming the development, the Mayor of Derry Councillor Kevin Campbell said; “I am delighted that the next phase of this ambitious plan has received cross- party support.”

It is expected that the works will last three years.