Culmore facilities call

SDLP Councillor for Shantallow Angela Dobbins has called on all responsible bodies to increase community facilities in the Culmore area as a priority.

Colr. Dobbins said: “Once again the Culmore area of the City has been subject to hoards of youth congregating, creating havoc and instilling fear in local residents.  These youth may not be drunk but they are causing mayhem and mischief in the local area.”

Colr. Dobbins said many residents had experienced damage to their property. 

“These young people have damaged gardens, hedges and property. Residents, most of whom are elderly, feel unable to confront the youths due to fear of repercussions. The PSNI also seem to be powerless to disperse the crowd.  

“Householders in the area have lost confidence that any organisation will be able to combat this anti-social behaviour.   

“I am calling on the Derry City Council to increase community facilities in the area of Culmore as a priority. I have spoken to some of the youths involved in this anti-social behaviour and they cite the lack of community facilities as part of the reason they are on the street at night.

“I urge all appropriate bodies to build community facilities for the youth in our area,” she added.