Culmore Fire: Water supply temporarily affected in Culmore area


Northern Ireland Water have apologised to any customers who have or are experiencing difficulties with their water supply in the Culmore area today.

The loss of supply has been as a direct result of the blaze at farmland off the Culmore Road where fire fighters have been tackling a blaze in a woodshed, containing some 600 tonnes of woodchip, since around 5am this morning.

Supply was lost for a time in the area as water was taken from the main’s supply to tackle the massive blaze.

However supplies should return to normal in all areas by later this evening.

A spokesperson from Northern Ireland Water told the Journal: “We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused by problems with the water supply today.”

She added that the water pressure in the air is in the process of building up again - but that anyone still experiencing problems with their water supply later this evening should call the Waterline on 03457 440088.