Curryneirin home attack ‘terrifying’

Damage caused to a house which was paint bombed in Currynieran. (1408PG40)
Damage caused to a house which was paint bombed in Currynieran. (1408PG40)

An overnight attack on a home in Currynierin has been branded “disgusting”.

A 33 year-old woman was home alone on Sunday night/Monday morning when thugs paint bombed her home and smashed a window in her car which was parked outside.

The occupant of the house at Stoneburn Place was not aware of the attack until she was alerted to the damage by a neighbour when she got up to go to work yesterday.

The woman’s brother said she was “absolutely terrified” when she realised what had happened.

“She was in the house on her own - what might have happened if they had entered the house just doesn’t bear thinking about.

“They smashed the back window and paint bombed the house but it could have been worse if she heard them and went out to confront them.”

The family don’t understand why the car and the home where the woman has lived all of her life were targeted.

Her brother said he was “disgusted” that people would do such a thing. “People like my sister are out working hard so that these scumbags can lie scratching themselves in their beds and then they go out and attack property. It is a really sad state of affairs.”

The victim’s brother, who was also brought up in the house, said the attack proved that “times are changing”. “I don’t know if they were on drink or drugs but I don’t remember it ever being like this when I was growing up there.”

Police investigating the incident of criminal damage and have appealed to anyone who may have information on it to contact them in Derry on 0845 600 8000 or contact the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.