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Customs officers were out in force on roads across the Inishowen peninsula this week, with sightings in the Moville, Carndonagh, Burt and Bridgend areas.

It is not clear at this stage if there was any seizures.

It is believed that Revenue Officials are now conducting surveillance in towns and housing estates across the peninsula.

VRT campaigner Ryan Stewart said he believes Customs officials are searching estates and taking notes on the movements on Northern registered vehicles in the State.

“Up until now, the Revenue have been keeping a low profile locally compared to their blitz campaign in 2010. When I first started on the VRT - Abolish campaign Revenue Officials got a lot of bad publicity and outrage coming from people of Donegal. We felt our county was targeted unfairly. So I believe this is why they are now surveying areas - they believe this is a more appropriate way of cracking down on VRT.”

Mr Stewart, who lives in Quigley’s Point, believes the current campaign by Customs is “a bit rich” given the verdicts and EU Directives handed down to the Government recently.

“There has been a public consultation giving interested parties a chance to submit their opinions on VRT law. So now they are policing an out-of-date law as there will definitely be changes to VRT. For now, though, it is business as usual for the Customs.”

A spokesperson for the Revenue said the checkpoints in Inishowen were part of their “compliance checks”.