DAAA urge NO vote in referendum

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Ahead of the upcoming referendum, Donegal Action Against Austerity are calling on members of the public to ensure that they are able to vote, and vote ‘No,’ on the referendum on the Fiscal Stability Agreement, which will be held on the 31st May.

Ahead of voting, Seamus Kee, chairperson of DAAA, is asking people to make sure they have a voice and to make sure that they use their voice, as the deadline for registration to vote looms.

“We are asking people to double-check that they are still on the electoral register, as the register is reviewed regularly. If people have moved home for example, they may find that they will not have a vote. “

“We are also calling on those who do not normally vote, to make the effort this time. Too many people sit back and let others do the talking for them. People can log on to www.checktheregister.ie to check if they have a vote.”

May 14th is the last day to register your vote and have your say on the Fiscal Stability Referendum, and DAAA are hoping that the people of Donegal will come out in strength, and ensure that the county rejects the treaty, as was the case, twice, with the previous Lisbon treaty.

Following the successes of recent campaigns against the household charge, Donegal Action Against Austerity are holding a public meeting regarding the upcoming Fiscal Treaty this Wednesday, 9th May at the Mount Errigal Hotel in Letterkenny at 8pm, and the group are planning similar meetings around the county in the run-up to the referendum. Other issues will be also be discussed on the night, including water charges, and the group are asking ordinary members of the public to attend.

“It’s a good opportunity for undecided voters to get a grasp of the key issues we will be voting on, and an honest representation of the facts, without the government scaremongering and spin,” added Mr Kee.