DAERA snowed under with pig farm objections


The Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) has advised it’s received so many objections to a controversial pig farm on the outskirts of Limavady that it won’t be able to respond to all the objectors individually.

Thousands of objections have been lodged against a planning application for the proposed pig farm that will house over 2,000 sows at Moys on the Glenhead Road if it gets the go ahead.

But DAERA has now confirmed it’s also received a huge volume of objections to pollution control and waste management permits that are needed if the operation is to proceed.

The developer behind the farm has argued that it will create local jobs and in an environmental statement in support of the facility, Preferred Capital Management, has insisted no “severe or substantial long-term negative environmental effects” are likely to result.

However, Friends of the Earth and other environmentalists have been steadfastly opposed to the scheme.

They fear pig slurry and waste from the farm and an associated anaerobic digester could pollute the River Roe and Faughan catchment areas.

In addition to the objections already lodged against the planning application for the farm and digester, DAERA has now revealed its also received countless objections to the requisite pollution and waste control permits. In a statement DAERA confirmed: “A large volume of correspondence has been received in respect of the Pollution Prevention Control (PPC) permit and Waste Management licence applications.

“The Department has therefore taken the decision not to write individually to each person who made a representation but to inform them by notification on the DAERA website.

“Those who have written to the Department are asked to regard this notice as confirmation of receipt of their representation.”

The ‘Journal’ contacted the agents representing the developer of the scheme but at the time of going to press no comment was available.