Damian Mc Ginty set to release solo album in New Year

A Derry man who starred in the internationally renowned show '˜Celtic Thunder' and hit American TV show '˜Glee,' is to release his first solo album of original music.

Tuesday, 27th November 2018, 10:24 am
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 5:13 pm

Damian McGinty was a 14-years-old in braces when he first arrived on the music scene.

And now with a plethora of tours, concerts, TV, movies and special appearances behind him, he is now set to release his first solo album.

‘Young Forever’ is the culmination of a 12 years journey and will be released in early in the New Year.

“Whenever I left ‘Glee’ I wanted to go back to the drawing board and get back to what my actual dream was - to be an original artist and to have a career with longevity. When I hit a certain age singing is not going to be enough, I have to build a brand and that is the idea with this album,” he said.

Damian wrote the bulk of the songs alongside songwriters, Mark Caplice and Ryan O’Shaughnessy and the album was recorded in Belfast.

The first single ‘Geronimo’ is available now and has been getting lots of airtime across Irish radio.

“It is really exciting for me and I have had such amazing support for the single. The album is pop, but it’s pop with a purpose,” he added.

“There are great stories in there and I really hope people enjoy it and that it is the first of many.”

Damian has worked hard on finding his sound and creating an album to be proud of.

“Nobody deserves any opportunity more than any other person. I believe if you create good work and focus on the art, everything will fall into place.”

He is currently on a 10th anniversary tour with ‘Celtic Thunder’ which sees the group play at 75 different venues across America and Canada.

“The tour ends on December 21 and then I am coming home to Derry for Christmas. I try to get home every year for Christmas and last year was the first time I didn’t make it, because I was filming a movie in New Mexico.

“It broke my heart. I love all the traditions around Christmas, including doing the 12 pubs of Christmas, it doesn’t really translate as well over here. So I missed all that last year.”

The movie, ‘Santa Fake’ will be released in November, 2019.

Next year will be a busy one for Damian, with the new album and movie being released, and he said that he wouldn’t rule out a homecoming gig in Derry to promote the new album.

Damian also has to make time in his busy work schedule for a very important day - his wedding!

“I got engaged over the summer and we are getting married next summer.

“We have been together for the last five years and my fiancée is wonderful, she is everything I never thought I would be lucky enough to meet.

“It will be a busy year, but it never stops. I am very lucky to be doing what I love to do,” he concluded.