‘Danger’ as storms damage Lagg beach

The erosion and damage to Lagg beach is getting worse and there have now been calls for urgent action before “someone gets really hurt.”

The entrance to the beach has been almost inaccessible due to storm damage in recent years and the high winds and heavy rain of the past few weeks have now exacerbated the situation.

Councillor Martin McDermott told how the entrance to the beach has now become more dangeorous than it ever was and is in a “serious, serious state of disrepair.”

He disclosed that boulders put in place were now a ‘real danger’ as the erosion in recent weeks had moved them even further back and there was now only a “five or six feet piece of road to walk on.”

Colr McDermott added: “It would be very serious if someone fell in. It’s moving further and further back towards the chapel.”

He told the Journal that, due to the sand movement at Lagg, it may be difficult to find a solution. But, he added that a survey on the issues at Lagg beach was due to get underway between Donegal County Council and the Office of Public Works. Colr McDermott called for this survey to begin “urgently.”

Councillor Albert Doherty said local landowners had serious concerns over the amount of land that was being eroded. Councillor Bernard McGuinness has also formally proposed the Council to appoint an engineer to Inishowen to oversee coastal erosion and flooding in the area. This was seconded by Councillor McDermott, who said the issue needed to be addressed “immediately.”