Dangerous driving and Derry’s Stacy on Channel 5 this Thursday

Waterside woman Stacy Buchanan at the wheel of her car yesterday. 2901JM29
Waterside woman Stacy Buchanan at the wheel of her car yesterday. 2901JM29

A Waterside mother of three is to appear on Channel 5’s ‘Dangerous Drivers’ School’ this Thursday.

Stacy Buchanan will appear in the first episode of the new series after she had applied in order to improve her driving ability.

By her own admission she is “not a confident driver”.

“I wont drive down motorways, not that there is a motorway here for me to practice on,” smiled Stacy.

“I wanted to be able to drive to and visit other towns in Ireland.

“I thought it would really help me career wise being able to drive as well so I applied.”

Stacy, who is studying media production at the North West College, has been driving 12 years. Though she has been involved in three road traffic collisions, she stressed: “It wasn’t my fault, other people drove into me.”

After the programme, during which a camera crew followed her and her mother, Pamela Fitzpatrick, driving around Derry, Stacy said: “I do feel more confident now. I feel my observations and risk assessment skills are much better than before. My mother never liked my driving anyway, she can be seen stressing out during the programme.

“Channel Five hired an instructor from the AA driving school who tutored me.

“I am much more calm and relaxed when driving now.

In the past my approach to driving might have best been characterised as ‘I’ll horse it on out.’”

Having “really enjoyed the experience as it was also educational in terms of what I’m studying,” Stacy said she is looking at other opportunities to appear on television.

‘Dangerous Drivers School’ is actually the second programme Stacy has appeared on in as many years, having earlier appeared on C4’s ‘Hidden Talent’ show.

On that occasion the mother of three was only a little surprised to learn her strength lay in multi-tasking.

“I have applied for these programmes in the hope of learning something that I can apply in my every day life, to realise some skill I maybe didn’t realise I had.”

Don’t miss Stacy, her mother and her ‘dangerous driving’ on Channel 5, Thursday at 8pm.