Dave Lombardo at the Nerve Centre

Nerve Centre, Rockers Reunion and Amped Promotions present an evening of performance, discussion and music with Dave Lombardo.

As a founding member of one of the ‘Big Four’, Slayer’s Dave Lombardo is deemed one of the most influential drummers of our time. During his twenty year tenure with the metal titans his ‘astonishingly innovative’ playing style helped create some of the genre’s landmark releases, including 1986’s ‘Reign In Blood’, as well as establish thrash as an unstoppable force in music.

Lombardo’s speed-driven technique has inspired countless rhythm sections in modern metal. His unique ferocity behind the kit would eventually earn him the title ‘The Godfather of Double Bass’ from Drummerworld. Alongside members of Metallica, Anthrax and Megadeth, Lombardo is often recognised as one of the founding fathers of heavy metal as we know it today.

This two hour masterclass is to be an unmissable event not just for aspiring drummers, but fans of music in general. Not least metal lovers!