David treks Tanzania for cancer charity

David Downey
David Downey

This is the Derry man who has raised an incredible £24,000 with colleagues at Henderson Wholesale in the city to support local children affected by cancer.

Earlier this summer, David Downey took part in the Tanzanian Tribal Trek for Cancer Fund for Children, a charity that provides vital practical and financial support services, and therapeutic short breaks to local children affected by cancer, and their families.

David was joined on the trek by a group 15 other intrepid souls,including fellow employees from Henderson Wholesale where he currently works and they travelled to Tanzania to explore volcanic craters, wild African plains and vast rugged mountains.

A typical trekking day included up to seven hours of walking, often at high altitudes or over difficult terrain.

According to David, the trekking experience was one he’ll never forget. “Getting to know the rest of the team was one of the best parts of the trek. After a week of trekking and camping together we all became great friends and completing the trek as a team was such a good feeling!”

David successfully completed the trek and raised an incredible £24,000 with the rest of the Henderson staff to support local children affected by cancer.

He also came away with some wonderful memories. “Towards the end of the trip, about 40 kids from the Enayobi village followed us to our next camp, a two hour walk away. After we had purchased some hand-made crafts, the kids performed a dance and sang songs as a thank you to us. It was incredible to see how happy the kids were and they had us join in. We gave them some crayons and yo-yos and the delight on their faces was something I won’t forget.”

Cancer Fund for Children is currently on the lookout for people to join its Rockies Trek in June 2016. Log on on www.cancerfundforchildren.com