DCC says she hopes PSNI can learn from mistake

Deputy Chief Constable Judith Gillespie.
Deputy Chief Constable Judith Gillespie.
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P.S.N.I. Deputy Chief Constable (D.C.C.), Judith Gillespie has said she hopes the police will learn from the mistake made when they raided the home of the Mayor of Derry last month.

Speaking to the Sunday Journal at an event in Derry’s Playhouse Theatre on Friday, Ms. Gillespie, said that whilst the police made a “mistake” when they raided Sinn Fein councillor Kevin Campbell’s home in Creggan, she said she hoped that it would not damage the good work that has gone on between the PSNI and the local nationalist community.

“Policing is like so many other things, in the sense that it’s a human endeavour and where human endeavour exists, mistakes can happen. The PSNI.made a mistake and I think it was important that they apologised.”

Ms Gillespie added: “A lot of good work has gone on in the Foyle district to get us to where we are today and I hope that we can all continue to move in the right direction.”

The PSNI raided the home of Derry’s First Citizen during an anti-terrorist operation in the Creggan Estate last month. Mr. Campbell made a complaint to the Police Ombudsman; the investigation into what happened is ongoing.

“We await the verdict of the Police Ombudsman not because we want to apportion blame but because we want to find out what went wrong and learn from our mistakes,” she said.

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