Dead cat thrown at passing police car in Ballyarnett

A dead cat was thrown at a police car in a macabre incident in Derry at the weekend, police have revealed.

Wednesday, 2nd May 2018, 10:00 pm

The grisly missile was thrown at officers from the PSNI’s Ballyarnett District Electoral Area (DEA), which covers the Galliagh, Shantallow and Culmore areas, on Saturday.

Outlining details of the ‘dead cat bounce’ via the force’s local social media profile, one incredulous officer warned: “If you want to avoid police attention do not throw a dead cat at a passing police car. What is wrong with some people that I just had to write that?”

Police said the gruesome incident occurred late on Saturday when officers were passing a group of people in the area.

“The group seemed shocked and surprised that we actually reacted by stopping the police car. One fellah ran off and when we caught him he had six bottles of Coors hidden in all his pockets. Annoyingly, I didn’t actually see the carcass thrower.”