Dead cow dumped near Slaughtmanus

The dead cow which was dumped near the Slaughtmanus Road recently.
The dead cow which was dumped near the Slaughtmanus Road recently.

A dead cow was discovered near the Slaughtmanus Road and High Moor Road this week.

A man, who did not want to be named, claims he was out walking his dog several weeks ago when he saw the rotting animal and immediately notified Derry City Council.

A spokesperson for Derry City Council said that they have received the complaint of the dead cow in the Slaughtmanus area and a Council representative investigated this onsite last week.

“The dead animal was on a private field and therefore it is not the responsibility of the council to organise the removal of this. The information has been passed to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development who are investigating the matter further.”

When contacted by the Derry Journal yesterday evening a spokesperson for DARD said it was not their responsibility to move the dead animal but confirmed they will be investigating the matter further.

“Under the Animal By-products (Enforcement) Regulations (NI) 2011, the disposal of fallen animals is the responsibility of the occupier of the premises on which the carcass is present. DARD will carry out an investigation to determine who is responsible for the disposal of the carcass. Fallen animals must be disposed of by incineration or rendering followed by incineration.”

At the time of going to print, the dead cow had not been removed.