‘Dealer’ paraded as RAAD attacks go on

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Vigilante group Republican Action Against Drugs have claimed one of the north west’s leading drug dealers has taken advantage of its ‘amnesty’ and stopped selling drugs.

The group, which has been responsible for dozens of gun and bomb attacks in recent years, claimed the man was earning up to £5,000 a week from selling mephadrone and “green moth balls.”

In a statement, the group said an individual - who they named - took advantage of “a chance to reintegrate with the local community.” RAAD also released a photograph of two masked men standing over another man with a hood over his head, believed to be the man named in the statement.

The group claimed that the man was “very close to being executed” on two occasions but has “given an undertaking never to be involved in drugs again”.

The RAAD statement comes after the latest shooting in the city on Wednesday evening.

Police said that at around 10.30pm, a 39 year-old man answered a knock at the door of his home in the Glendara/Foyle Road area, and he was confronted by two masked men.

He tried to close the door but the masked men fired three shots, one of which struck him in the left thigh.

No organisation has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Mark H Durkan, MLA Foyle said; “The Birmingham Six had more access to a fair trial than do RAAD victims or victims of these type of attacks.”

Yesterday the injured man said he didn’t want to say anything about the attack. A spokesperson at Altnagelvin Hospital said they could make no comment.

It’s believed that the man’s injury is not life-threatening.

Neighbours spoke yesterday afternoon of their “shock and disgust”. One resident described the victim as “a quiet man who never caused anyone any trouble”.

SDLP MLA Mark H Durkan said the city was in despair at this latest shooting.

He said;“We cannot have our children growing up in a society where these brutally violent acts are perceived as the norm.”

Police have appealed for witnesses to contact Strand Road on 0845 600 8000.

“These shootings have in the past and still prove to be a counter-productive way to deal with alleged anti-community activity. People claim to be acting for communities but they’re putting two fingers up to the people of Derry who have had their fill of violence.

“There is an overwhelming sense of despair in Derry that this is becoming almost routine. The only way that it can stop is through effective engagement between communities and the police and vice-versa.”

Sinn Fein Councillor, Patricia Logue, said: “I call on the groups involved to end this futility and leave the people of the area, along with the statutory agencies and the PSNI, to build on making the area a safer place for residents and bring about long-term, sustainable solutions to any problems.”

Anyone who witnessed the incident or who has any information is asked to contact Detectives in Strand Road on 0845 600 8000 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.