Dealing with Dougie, again

Local playwright, Jim McClenaghan, has said he’s delighted his award winning debut play ‘Dealing with Dougie’ is to be staged at The Playhouse this week.

‘Dealing with Dougie’ collected the 2008 Greer Garson award before playing in a number of community venues throughout Derry. Mr. McClenaghan co-wrote the play with Carl Campbell when the pair were studying at the University of Ulster.

An all star local cast will appear in this latest production of ‘Dealing’ from Shindig Theatre Company, namely actor and director Jim Lecky, Gerry Dorrity, Conor Barr and Mickey Doherty.

Mickey’s character, Daniel, is asked to pretend to be straight so that Dougie doesn’t lose face in front of his poker buddies.

Co-writer Jim McClenaghan said that the parochial nature of Irish life has led to some people having; “a very blinkered view on society. More than just ‘euro-centrism’; it is a feeling that there is only one set of values worth thinking about and anyone who challenges this model must be either an enemy or at least a threat to an established way of life. We were very interested in exploring that dynamic.

“The concept of ‘Dougie’ stemmed from an idea we had about how a certain type of person functions when taken out of their comfort zone. Dougie and his mate Barry for example, never feel they have to actually think about what they say, or the consequences, thereof, before they speak. Why should they? On a usual card night it’s open season on any subject; there are no taboos and any perceived weakness is ruthlessly set upon by these pseudo-macho men.”

Mr. McClenaghan is delighted that the original cast of the play enjoyed it so much they “pestered him” into re-staging it.

“It is all their hard work, they deserve all the credit and I’m very much looking forward to seeing it myself, he added”

‘Dealing with Dougie’ will be performed at The Playhouse thisWednesday March 15 and Thursday 16 at 8pm. Tickets are £11/ £8 and are available from The Playhouse Box Office on (08)71268027 or online at