‘Death-drivers’ using the north of the city as a race track will kill

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Someone will be killed if criminal ‘death-drivers’ who habitually use the large estates and country roads around the north of the city as a race track aren’t put off the highways.

That’s according to Sinn Féin Councillor Sandra Duffy who has spoken of stolen and runaround cars being crashed into people’s gardens, and pedestrians and country ramblers who use the the popular Lenamore, Beragh Hill and, ironically, Racecourse roads, being left fearful for their lives.

The Ballyarnett Councillor said: “We as a party would call on the police to again put a particular focus and resources on this issue.

“This area is populated by many elderly residents who in the past have had cars crash into their properties.

“It is also an area which is very popular with walkers.

“I would appeal to those involved in the behaviour to stop before someone is killed along this stretch of road.”

The local councillor said she had been contacted by a number concerned constituents who were anxious about ‘death-drivers’ who, she said, were causing havoc on a number of rural roads in and around the Lenamore area.

“I have been contacted on a number of occasions over the past few weeks regarding the upsurge of ‘death-driving’ in and around the greater Lenamore Road area.

“This is an issue which regularly raises it head periodically. We held a meeting with the police regarding the same issue last year.

“At that time the police were able to instigate an operation to address it and reduce the risk and fears these death-drivers were causing to the local community,” said the local Sinn Féin representative.

Only last month Colr. Duffy’s constituency colleague Colr. Caoimhe McKnight warned that these same ‘death-drivers’ were using the Galliagh estate as a dumping ground in which to burn out cars that were being used to speed around the area endangering lives.

“What happens on many occasions is once those driving about in these run-around cars think they have been spotted by police they get rid of the car as soon as possible with Galliagh unfortunately being the area of choice.

“I am calling on anyone who is selling a car to be more vigilant , especially if they are being sold cheaply, in the region of a couple of hundred pounds.”

“They should check the age of the buyers and question if they believe the car is been genuinely bought to be driven safely and legally or if this person may have ulterior motives for buying it,” said Colr. McKnight.