Death of Ian Paisley: Deputy Mayor says Paisley’s legacy will be peace

Deputy Mayor, Alderman Gary Middleton.
Deputy Mayor, Alderman Gary Middleton.
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Current Deputy Mayor of Derry, Councillor Gary Middleton has said the legagcy of Ian Paisley will be one of peace.

Speaking after he learned of the death of his former party leader, Mr Middleton said: “It’s very sad news, it’s devastating.

“There are those locally who would not have agreed with his politics, but who still thought well of him and respected him. This phrase is often used, but this is truly the end of an era. My thoughts are with his family.”

Whilst still only in his 20s, the Deputy Mayor said that Dr Paisley had been one of the characters who inspired him to become involved in politics.

“Essentially if had not been for Rev Paisley and others like him we would not have the set up we have today. Of course many will point out that the political system is not working at the moment, but Stormont and the St Andrew’s Agreement represent something a lot better than what went before.

“His legacy for me will be one of peace. That’s what he will be remembered for,” said Mr Middleton.