Death threat forces man to flee from Top of the Hill

A Scottish man has fled back to Britain from his Top of the Hill home after being given a death threat by an unnamed Republican group

The man, who does not wish to be identified, told the ‘Sunday Journal’ that he had no choice but to abandon his wife, mother and two young children after being told he had to leave Derry by 6pm last night or face execution.

He said that in the threat the Republican group accused him of the rape of a teenager and also of being a drug dealer, allegations he completely refutes.

“I am completely distraught by all of this,” he told the SUNDAY.

“I have to leave my wife, two children and my mother here, but I have been left with no choice.”

The man says he was contacted by police this week to say that they had received a threat to his life.

He claimed the message had been phoned to a local counselling group who in turn had passed it into the police.

The man’s mother said: “This all started last year when this girl accused him of assaulting her.

“He immediately went to the police and gave them his DNA, but she refused to go to the police.

“Now she alleges that he raped her and that he is a drug dealer, which he is not.

“He is going to have to go back to Scotland now and it’s all lies.”

The family say the man’s wife was with him went they went to Strand Road station this week.

His wife added: “It {the threat) said that he had until Saturday at six to leave Derry or he would be executed.

“The police said they were taking it seriously, but that there was nothing that they could do.

“They said that if someone threatened us at the house that we should call 999 immediately.

“This is just ridiculous and I am completely distraught by all of this.”

A spokesman for the Police Service said they could not discuss the security of individuals.

“Where we receive information that a person needs to review their personal security we take steps to inform them.

“We never ignore anything that may put an individual at risk,” he said.

The man says he feels it is ridiculous that he is being made to leave because of what the girl has said.

“How can they justify putting someone out of their home and away from their family?” he said.

“It is a disgrace how they can turn someone’s life upside down when they have no proof whatsoever that I am dealing drugs.

“That is just what this girl says and there is no truth to it whatsoever.”