Debut single release for Glee star Damian

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He is one of the hardest working twenty year-olds in showbusiness with a CV which would put many others to shame - but Damian McGinty’s roots remain firmly in his native Derry.

And the talented singer said high on his list of priorities for the coming 12 months is to help make 2013 a huge success for the town he loves so well.

While he could not reveal the exact details (the City of Culture programme is not officially announced yet), Damian did tell the ‘Derry Journal’ that he will be very much a part of the year-long celebration.

“2013 is gonna be an incredibly exciting year for Derry,” Damian told the ‘Journal’ this week. “I am delighted to announce that I will be a part of several concerts and events in the year.

“I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say what yet, but I have heard some of the incredibly exciting plans they have for next year, and it’s gonna be unreal. Im honoured to be a part of it. Roll on January!”

But January is still three months away and the former Celtic Thunder singer has a lot in the pipeline between now and then. First of all he is dealing with rumours which circulated last week that he will be reprising his role of Rory in a Thanksgiving special of ‘Glee’ - with a possible new story arc in the new year.

Sadly for McGinty fans, he says the gossip columnists have been a bit quick off the mark. While he has not completely ruled out the possibility of a return to the halls of McKinley High and the back row of the famous New Directions, he said “nothing is set in stone”.

“There are rumours online that I am coming back,” Damian said, “but nothing is confirmed at all.

“I am working on several other projects at the minute, which are very exciting. Hollywood takes time for things to happen, but fingers crossed, with a bit of help from God, and a bit of luck, it’ll work out.”

Damian has had an exceptionally busy year. His stint on ‘Glee’ - which he won after wowing the judges in reality TV series ‘The Glee Project’ - garnered him a whole new legion of admirers. Now close to half a million fans from all around the world follow him on Twitter and his Facebook page is a hive of activity.

In a testament, however, to his Derry roots he also invested locally in the opening of a new Audio Booth in the Nerve Centre. It’s billed as an affordable studio facility which offers bands the chance to record a song for £50, or three songs for £130, using the latest digital recording equipment. Individual artists can record at lesser prices, and CD printing services are also available.

Damian said he hopes that emerging artists from Derry and further afield will avail of Audio Booth in their quest to ‘make it’ in the entertainment business.

And while other newer singers try to make it, Damian continues to make his mark on the musical world. On Monday he will release his first single, a cover of ‘Run’ by Snow Patrol, on iTunes. He has produced it with fellow Glee Project contestant Cameron Mitchell.

“We are testing the waters to be honest, going for a fairly different sound than I’ve ever done before.

“It’s exciting to branch out and test myself, and also get music out there to the world. I have a full E.P coming end of october worldwide on iTunes, which I am currently working on.”

As a special treat for fans, Damian revealed, “There will even be an interesting bonus track on that [the single] for fans of Damian McGinty who have been there from day one. I hope they in particular will like it a lot.”

Fans will also be delighted to see Damian launch his very own website, which he says he hopes will be be available in the coming months.