Dee Quigley keynote Rising speech in Sydney

Former Independent Councillor Dee Quigley. DER2214MC073
Former Independent Councillor Dee Quigley. DER2214MC073

A former Derry & Strabane councillor who emigrated to Australia has been chosen to speak at a major event commemorating the centenary of the Easter Rising.

Dee Quigley - who was elected as an Independent councillor in 2014 but later stood down after making the decision to move with his family to Australia, said he is deeply honoured to be selected for the event in Sydney.

Organisers of the event, the James Connolly Association, said Galliagh man Mr Quigley was chosen because he has “a very strong and committed background of working for and standing with the working classes at home and abroad”.

Speaking after yesterday’s announcement, Mr Quigley, who is well know for having helped spearhead the campaign for detoxification facilities locally, said: “I’m filled with honour on being asked to talk at this event.

“Knowing my background for my work in the community plus my Socialist Republican views, it was deemed relevant that I give the speech in honour of those who took part in Easter Rising and what relevance the Rising has on today’s society. It was also relevant given that I have just returned to Australia, having witnessed the savagery that’s getting dished out in relation to welfare cuts and the recession on Irish people all over the island, and the political bluffery that is being used as a way of selling failures as success and fresh starts.

“The politics of James Connolly and others like him need to get aired and shared as far and as wide as they can be.”

The commemoration event in Sydney is expected to take place on March 27.