Delegation to visit Glengad scheme

A14-person international delegation will visit group water schemes in Bunn (Glengad, Malin), Meenabool and Townawilly this Wednesday to see how small rural communities have upgraded in recent years.

The County Donegal Group Water Scheme sector is to host the visit by the delegation, keen to learn from the Irish experience in successfully addressing issues associated with the provision of a quality drinking water supply to rural communities.

According to spokesperson for the National Federation of Group Water Schemes, Brian MacDonald: ‘Donegal provides excellent examples of the transformation that has been achieved in rural water provision over the past decade and of some of the challenges that remain to be addressed.”

There has been growing international interest in this Irish success story, culminating in this week’s visit.

The visit will show how rural communities have upgraded and will be undertaken by delegates from statutory agencies, drinking water inspectorates and community interest groups from Northwest Spain and Scotland, as well as the North’s Department of the Environment.