Delight at recognition for Moville’s two summer ‘fests’

The organiser of two of Inishowen’s biggest summer events, Moville’s Gerry McLaughlin, says he’s delighted the Dylanfest and its younger 
sibling Beatlefest have been included in the Donegal Gathering 
Calendar of Events and the City of Culture Programme of Events.

Said Gerry: “I supposed you could say it’s a case of ‘Come Gather Round People’ and ‘Come Together’!

“It’s fantastic to get Moville and 
Greencastle’s DylanFest and the BeatlesFest on both the City of Culture 2013 Programme of Events, which has just been published, and the Donegal Gathering Calendar of Events,which is just about to be circulated.

“This should give a massive boost to both of these festivals and other 
festivals in the area that are on these programmes.

“It is magnificent of Derry to share their good fortune with the surrounding area. These programmes will go out 
all over the area and throughout the world.

“We are hoping that this will be our 
real breakthrough year for both 
festivals and that this publicity will 
generate massive crowds and bring 
a real boost to the area with knock-on 
effects for future years.

“We hope that the Dylan- and Beatles- loving people among the huge Irish diaspora out there worldwide will come together for the BeatlesFest and the Dylan. People will come gather round for the DylanFest in Moville and Greencastle this year. We couldn’t have hoped for 
better publicity for it!”