Derry Alert - Thompson condemns those behind ‘suspicious device’

Councillor Drew Thompson.
Councillor Drew Thompson.

Waterside councillor, Drew Thompson, has said those responsible for planting a ‘suspicious device’ in the garden of a house in Trafalgar Court could end up killing someone.

Speaking to the Derry Journal from the scene of an ongoing security alert in Trafalgar Court, Colr. Thompson said he condemned those behind it.

“I’ve been told that what the police have found could be a pipe-bomb type device but it’s too early to say.

“If this does turn out to be a viable device I would call on those responsible to stop this type of action before it ends up costing someone their life.

“I condemn this type of action as it has no place in our society,” said Colr. Thomspon.

Due to ongoing security alert there is a diversion on Limavady Road at the entrance to Broomhill Avenue.

Nelson Drive and Broomhill Avenue are closed but traffic is moving on the Limavady Road.

Trafalgar Court and Nelson Drive are being evacuated but it would appear only a handful of residents are at home at present.

Sperrin Park community centre has been opened for anyone that wishes to make use of it.

Ammunition Technical Officers (ATO) have been tasked.