Derry Anti-war Coalition to hold peace vigil

127 people have been declared dead so far as the result of last night attacks.
127 people have been declared dead so far as the result of last night attacks.

Derry Anti-war Coalition have announced they are to hold a peace vigil following the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night.

In a statement released today organiser Davy McAuley said: “The events in Paris on Friday night have shocked the world. Concert goers, people eating in restaurants, ordinary Parisians enjoying the start of the weekend were slaughtered. In Beirut on Thursday around 50 innocent people were murdered when bombs exploded in a residential suburb. In Syria, in Palestine and across the parts of the Middle East and Africa carnage like this is all too common.

“We are holding a solidarity rally in Derry at 6pm on Monday in Guildhall Square to stand with the people of Paris and Beirut. We ask the people of Derry to join us.

“The Derry Anti War Coalition wants to make it clear that actions of Islamic State can in no way be used to justify further military intervention in the Middle East. This group emerged after the illegal attack and occupation of Iraq by Western Powers. Continuing to bomb innocent people in the Middle East will not stop ‘ terrorism,’ but instead will continue to be a major cause of it.

“We also wish to make it clear that these attacks can in no way change our position on refugees. We still welcome them and we will resist all racism and Islamaphobia. The events in Paris and Beirut show what refugees are fleeing from not who they are. Closing the borders is wrong, scapegoating refugees is wrong. We must stay united.

“It has been reported that the refugee camp in Calais was attacked and burned down in revenge for the Paris attacks.Innocent people are being targeted yet again. Refugees are not to blame. Muslims are not to blame. ISIS do not represent those who have fled from them. People fleeing from our wars in Afghanistan, Iraq are not responsible for the deaths in Paris just as we are not to blame for the actions of our Governments in launching these conflicts.

“We must redouble the anti imperialist and anti racist message we send out. Those Western Leaders who will happily inflict terror on the Middle East will cry many crocodile tears for the victims of Paris. They will take no responsibility for what has happened.They will attempt to use the deaths of innocent people to further their Imperialist ambitions. We cannot allow this.

We stand against Isis and we stand against Western Imperialism in the Middle East. We stand with the innocent victims of terror should that terror come from Western Governments or Isis thugs. “