Derry arson attack: '˜I cannot understand why anyone would endanger the life of a stranger'

A resident of Nelson Drive whose home was targeted in an apparently random arson attack whilst she slept has said she now feels 'unsafe in her own home.'

Tuesday, 16th August 2016, 2:53 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:03 pm
The front of Katie Greer's home at Nelson Drive.

The attack took on her home took place on Monday past-August 15.

Katie Greer told the ‘Journal’: “I moved to Nelson Drive six months ago and I was made to feel very welcome in a great area with good neighbours.”

The victim of the attack suffers from a rheumatic condition called Fibromyalgia and because of that says “I generally keep myself to myself.”

This incident has really shaken ne up and I feel very unsafe in my own home. I cannot understand why anyone would endanger the life of a stranger with no concern for their life. I am lucky that the fire did not spread as I was asleep when it happened. But, if the people that carried out the attack out did it again, the next person may not be as lucky. I am very thankful for the help of local community workers, councillors and neighbours and I hope that I can stay here in peace for the foreseeable future.”

Katie’s mother, Diane Greer, a well-known singer and writer said: “Katie’s house was targeted in the early hours of Monday morning and we have no idea why. She’s living in a lovely area with what we already knew to be the very best of neighbours.

“She is ok but badly shaken and received wonderful support from those living around including Linda Watson and Councillor Drew Thompson. She can’t thank them enough because they are encouraging her to stay and everyone is trying to find out what happened.

“Maybe it was a random attack, maybe it was mistaken identity, we don’t know. But, whatever the intention was, I can tell you the impact was hard to watch. This is her first real home in years and she is spending time making it her own while she struggles with that awful life limiting disease. If anyone out there has any information please pass it on. We just want to know she will be safe.”