Derry BB star nets £50,000 prize

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Derry’s Big Brother contestant Conor McIntyre walked out of the reality TV studio on Friday night - £50,000 richer.

Conor who had been confined to the Big Brother White Room with fellow contestant Luke Scrase, had been fighting for a pass to the final. However, in a dramatic twist televised live to viewers on Friday night, both men were given a chance to hit a buzzer and walk away with the massive cash prize.

As amounts rose steadily on cash counting screen, the two contestants were told they could hit the buzzer at any point but would then have to leave the house immediately. While his fellow housemate hesitated over the decision, Conor, from Hatmore Park in the city didn’t and snatched the massive amount of cash, leaving with the money in a briefcase.

Speaking to Big Brother host Brian Dowling after leaving the house Conor said the money would change his life.

“This will set me up. I still live with my mum and dad but this money will now change my life. I had to hit that buzzer, when it’s in front of you and it’s the here and now, you just have to do it.”

The local fitness instructor went on to say:

“If I had gotten to the final, I don’t think I would’ve won. I had to take the money. I don’t care what people in the Big Brother house think, my mum, dad, family and girlfriend are the only people who matter to me.”

Remaining contestants on the Channel 5 reality show will now battle it out for a prize of £50,000 in a televised final in the coming weeks