Derry bomb attack and shootings: Durkan condemns ‘warped and violent’ Derry attackers

SDLP MP for Foyle, Mark Durkan.
SDLP MP for Foyle, Mark Durkan.

SDLP Foyle MP Mark Durkan has condemned those responsible for three attacks in Derry at the weekend which included two punishment-style shootings and a device that exploded in the Creggan area of the city last night.

“Those responsible for throwing this device at a police patrol have shown complete and utter contempt for the people of Creggan.

“They are out to destroy, and don’t care if they injure or kill anyone in the process.

“This callous and dangerous attack and the two punishment-style shootings in the city over the weekend fly in the face of the efforts made by so many people to improve life here.

“We should contrast those who were planning these attacks with the civic carnival spirit and what thousands of people from this city and beyond were doing for Halloween.

“We were all putting out a positive story, a positive message about our community and the talents and ambitions that we want to celebrate in this city. But no, there is a small minority of people who say they want Derry to be a theatre for destruction and death.

“They will not succeed. They have no regard for anyone except their own warped and violent egos