Derry-born journalist dies aged 94

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A well-known Derry-born journalist who spent a lifetime reporting on Irish Catholic affairs has died.

Desmond Fisher passed away in Dublin on December 30. He was aged 94.

Mr. Fisher was among a legion of writers who covered the Second Vatican Council (1962-65).

As editor of ‘The Catholic Herald’ on London’s Fleet Street, Mr. Fisher was in Rome in 1962 before the council opened to set up the Herald’s coverage.

He covered the 1963 and 1964 sessions of the council for the Herald and the Irish Press Group.

Indeed, Vienna’s Cardinal Franz König said in a note to Fisher that he learned “more of what is going on at the council from your superb reports” than he heard “while on the spot.”

Desmond Fisher was born in Derry in 1920. His father, who worked for a firm of wholesale wine and tea shippers , later moved to Dublin to establish an office there.

His first job, at age 25, was assistant to the editor of The Nationalist and Leinster Times. For four years, Fisher was with the Irish Press, and, in 1952, became its London editor and daily columnist.

He later went on to be RTÉ’s deputy head of news and head of current affairs. For 14 years, he was also Ireland correspondent for The Economist.

Desmond Fisher and his wife, Margaret (Peggy), married in 1948 and marked their 65th wedding anniversary in 2013.

They had four children.