Derry call centre accused of ‘bullying’

Convergys at the Ulster Science and Technology Park, Branch Road, Derry. DER3015MC046
Convergys at the Ulster Science and Technology Park, Branch Road, Derry. DER3015MC046

A woman, allegedly bullied by staff at a Derry call centre, has told the ‘Journal’ that a “target driven atmosphere” is impacting negatively on her and many of her colleagues.

The woman works for Convergys in the Springtown Business Park and asked the ‘Journal’ not to reveal her name.

“I’ve seen colleagues reduced to tears after they had been shouted at by managers,” said the woman. “I know the difference between cajoling someone and bullying - what’s happening at Convergys is nothing short of bullying.”

The woman added: “The target drive atmosphere there is awful. The targets are so unrealistic and the management keep increasing the workload which in turn results in staff feeling under pressure.”

A man, who also works at Convergys and who also asked not for his name to be revealed said if he didn’t feel he had to provide for his family he would have left the company long ago.

“When the jobs at Convergys were revealed all of the politicians were busting a gut to get their photos in the news but if they really knew what was going on here I think they would think twice.

“I have a young family and can’t afford the luxury of walking away unless I find another job but as every week goes by it gets much harder. I’ve never felt so belittled in my entire life.

“The number of people phoning in sick on a daily basis is ridiculous and there are a lot of people off on long-term sickness because of stress and anxiety - it can’t continue on like this. When I think of the history between Derry and civil rights it makes me think how can a company like Convergys get away with treating people the way they do? It has to stop.”

The ‘Journal’ contacted Convergys to make them aware of the allegations.

“Convergys places a high value on employee engagement and has no tolerance for inappropriate treatment or harassment of anyone in our organization. We have formal channels for people to safely voice concerns they may have and are committed to remedying the situation should any issues be discovered,” said Convergys Director of Communications, Joseph Thornton.

“We continually strive to create a positive work environment for our people at all of our sites, including Derry – where we have experienced rapid growth and job creation since opening in 2014,” he added.