Derry can ‘cash in’ on Open: Eastwood

Royal Portrush is to host the Open Championship in 2019.
Royal Portrush is to host the Open Championship in 2019.

Derry can cash in on the massive tourism potential of the Open Championship being hosted in Portrush, SDLP MLA Colum Eastwood has said.

Confirmation that the world’s largest golf tournament will he held at Royal Portrush in 2019 is expected next week.

Mr Eastwood said: “That one of the world’s biggest sporting events is to be held less than 40 miles up the road is fantastic news for Derry’s tourism industry. The event will once again give the North West a sterling opportunity to promote its superb tourism offering on the world stage and further establish Derry and as a top international destination.”

Mr Eastwood added: “The potential economic benefits of the Open being hosted at Portrush can be reaped in Derry well after the golfing superstars and the world’s media have departed.

“The legacy of hosting the historic competition will ensure that not only Portrush but Derry and the entire North West can enjoy a sustainable boost in golf tourism which is a vital component of the local tourism industry.”