Derry city centre car park charges set to rise

The cost of parking a car in Derry’s public car parks is set to rise, Roads Service has confirmed.

From September 5, motorists will pay around an extra ten pence per hour to park in the car parks at Carlisle Road, Foyle Road, Queens Quay, Society Street, Spencer Road, Strand Road and Victoria Road.

A spokeswoman for the Roads Service defended the price hike.

She says the rise will “encourage turnover of car parking spaces which will help to improve traffic management and promote the commercial and tourist vitality.”

“The car park increases will generally raise the tariffs by 10p per hour and will be rolled out across Northern Ireland on an incremental basis over the next few weeks,” she says.

The spokeswoman says prices have remained unchanged for over a decade.

“This is the first tariff rise in a number of years, some have not increased in 12 years, and the increases will bring charges closer to private sector car parking prices.

“This will contribute towards the cost of Roads Service parking operations.”

Price rises will come into effect in 123 of the north’s 132 public car parks from next week.