Derry clipper remains fourth in global race

The Derry clipper remained in fourth place yesterday in the round the world race.

Overnight on Tuesday/Wednesday, the ‘Derry~Londonderry’ yacht was electronically hidden from the other competitors as it travelled in ‘Stealth Mode’ and the decision to employ the technique seemed to pay off, allowing the team to remain in fourth place.

Skipper Mark Light said he was relieved that the weather was panning out to be as forecasted and they are looking forward to some great downwind conditions for the remainder of the race to Cape Town. “We have good speed and our fine ship is in good shape, so now for the cliche . . . it is definitely a marathon and not a sprint,” he said. He added: “It’s fascinating studying all the different game plans chosen by different boats and I’m sure there are a few people sat at home shouting at the race viewer: ‘Don’t go that way you fool, you’re making a mistake. They’re catching you’.”

The teams were yesterday close to the world’s most remote inhabited island, Tristan Island. It is home to just 266 permanent residents all descended from original settlers and only seven family surnames survive amongst the island’s present inhabitants. With no hotels, airports or restaurants, and a lack of berths for visiting vessels, the islands are rarely visited by even the most intrepid travellers.

Gold Coast Australia remained in the lead as it approached the Ocean Sprint while Edinburgh Inspiring Capital had to be scrubbed down to banish a stomach bug.