Derry coalman’s ‘Heat Your Hole’ slogan spreads like wildfire

Businessman Kevin O'Kane in his coal lorry.
Businessman Kevin O'Kane in his coal lorry.

A Co. Derry coalman’s latest advertising strategy has spread like wildfire.

Kevin O’Kane says he came up with the catchy slogan - Heat Your Hole With Kevin’s Coal - when he was chatting in the house about people come into the sitting room and turning their backside to the fire.

Kevin's Coal new slogan.

Kevin's Coal new slogan.

“My mother, said ‘Kevin you can’t say that,” said Kevin, from Greysteel.

The entrepreneur said he decided there and then that would be his slogan for his business, Kevin’s Coal. “I bought a lorry and I allowed I’d get the sign done,” said Kevin.

The 28-year-old businessman said he got leaflets produced and delivered them locally, including at local chapels.

“A priest rang me up, laughing,” he said. “He thought it was funny.”

The winter warming slogan has certainly grabbed the attention of people on social media.

Since Kevin posted images on Facebook on Sunday of his newly designed lorry and the slogan, it’s been shared 1,618 times and received more than 12,000 ‘likes’, including from users as far away as America.

“It’s had major attention,” said Kevin, explaining he’s been busy delivering coal to homes throughout the North West.

Kevin is also offering to take photos of customers in his ’heat your hole’ lorry.