Derry dad pens book on fatherhood

Nate McCartney
Nate McCartney

Local blogger Nate McCartney has completed his first book based on the ‘trials and tribulations of becoming a father.

The book is an account of Nate’s journey into fatherhood and the difficulties he met along the way. This male perspective entitled ‘Fates, Traits and Due Dates with Nate (and mates)’ comes from a 23 year old Derry man who studied A-Level English at St.Columbs College.

The newly published book is divided into chapters like a diary and explains a range of emotions that come from a young mother and father.

Nate said “Our new baby Jude has become the centre of attention in this book.

“The blog and book are in some way related but I have always wanted my own published book. The lead up to the birth is important for any parent but I wanted the young voice to be heard.

“It’s a daily run down of things that happened and the thoughts that went through my head, the thought of mother, Kerry-Leigh and my friends.

“The book explores issues that every parent seems to struggle with.

“The book tells the tale of when I decided to quit smoking, the lack of sleep and the many fears coming up to birth day.

“The book also goes down many avenues considering the baby and what the future holds for him at different stages in his life. I kept thinking what music he is going to like.

“It looks at employment before the baby comes and what happens when the baby arrives.

“It’s a good read and everyone should take a look to see what goes through the mind of some young people on a daily basis.”

Nate explained that the last chapter details the views of his friends and how these are reflectd in their website

“I want the book to be discussed amongst people and I like to see views being shared” added Nate.

“The launch of the book will be an exciting evening and I hope to see a range of people who are intrigued.

“I would like to thank St.Columbs College and the Playhouse for all their help.

“The work and effort put in by people around me really made things function a lot more smoothly.”

Nate has invited the Mayor of Derry Maurice Devenney, local councillors, business people and members of the public to the book launch which will take place next Tuesday, 4 October at the Playhouse, Derry.

There will be a wine and cheese reception followed by a short reading from the book.

Copies of the book which is priced at £6.99 will also be available on the evening.