Derry dancers to join YouTuber Adam Beales on sold out tour

A group of performing arts students from North West Regional College are to support a local YouTuber during his tour around the North.

Tuesday, 2nd April 2019, 10:17 am
Updated Tuesday, 2nd April 2019, 11:21 am
Youtuber Adam Beales TheNewAdamb99 pictured with NWRC lecturer Carie Logue Houston, and students Joshua Curran Kelly, Erwin Paul Ytis, Tasha Grant, Warren McCook and Megan Harkin.

The students will join Adam Beales, (TheNewAdamB99), who has more than two million subscribers on YouTube.

The students, who have been prepared for the show by NWRC lecturer Carie Logue Houston, will perform from April 4 to 6 at Belfast’s Ulster Hall, before performing in Dublin and, finally, at a sold out show the Millennium Forum, Derry, on Saturday night.

Adam Beales is paving the way for a new generation of YouTubers creating dynamic, family-friendly and hilarious content. Along with his younger brother Callum, he’s using his platform to explore fun new sketches, pranks and challenges which reach huge audiences in the UK and USA.

Lecturer Carie, who is choreographing the YouTuber’s tour, said this was an “unbelievable opportunity” for the students.

“I’m delighted that our talented dancers will be getting this chance to get such an insight into life as a performer, the opportunity to work in this environment is simply amazing.

“The icing on the cake is being involved in a project that is so much fun and has such a buzz about it. The students and I are really enjoying the dance adventure.”

Carie said she was asked to source experience dancers to support Adam on the project.

“The dancers have all been involved with NWRC’s Ascent Dance Company during their time studying at the college and possess a diverse range of dance and performance skills.”

The students have had to commit to intense rehearsals on top of their college course to prepare for the show, and a number of them have now been selected for the live performances on the tour.

Carie said: “The dancers and I have met regularly to learn choreography for the various dance sections, we have developed a great rapport which I feel will translate well onto the stage. The commitment they have shown has been incredible. I have every confidence in them. The boys were just fab to work with. Last week Adam returned to the college to have a look at progress of dance material.

“Now we’re counting down the days, we can’t wait.”

Adam Beales said he was delighted to be working with dancers from his home town.

He said: “The talent we have available locally is second to none. I’ve loved coming into the college to meet the students, firstly to talk them through the tour and then to have a more thorough rehearsal with them.”